Monday, July 14, 2008

Fido doesn't want my business

I found it quite frustrating to learn that, according to Fido customer service, I am not eligible to upgrade to an iPhone for six months.  I was told there was no way to get one sooner, even after asking if I would have to cancel my two current plan (half-way through) and pay the cancellation fee.

This is seriously making me think of canceling my plan altogether and going with the cheapest available pre-paid provider of the moment.

The mind boggles.

P.S.  What are Fido customers going to do if they want to upgrade their iPhone before 3 years is up?  Will everybody else have to wait until their contract is complete?


Ian Cheung said...

I traditionally "don't do" contracts. So here's my beef with the whole Rogers/Fido Canadian iPhone thing, I can't even pay "full price" for an iPhone and go month to month.

The only way I think I can get out of a contract, is to sign one, then cancel (i.e. pay the $400 or whatever) and go on a month-to-month after. Which doesn't even make sense if I could get my hands on an iPhone outside of a Rogers/Fido store...

I would love to try their data plan with my first-gen iPhone, but I'm pretty sure I can't do it without a contract, which puts me back at square one plus I might as well get the new 3G... But I won't do it, I'm going to fight being on a plan and not independently owning my phone for as long as I use telco service.

@ri said...

I have read on some posts that Fido has told many customers that they will be taking a decision on this issues on the 24th of July and I have confirmed this with Fido by e-mail. I am in the same situation and apparently they have managed to annoy allot of customers with this policy.

I really do not car much about the price of the phone as I have no problems paying full price but the deal with apple and Fido does not allow this. I am sure Apple shareholders are not to happy about this.

Tim said...

Yeah, except that they sold a million of the 3Gs already :( I guess when you have a (monopoly on a) desirable commodity you can get away with not treating your customers very well.

Anonymous said...

Well that sucks. Trever switched to Virgin about 8-9 months ago from Rogers, when his Rogers contract ended. Virgin has no contracts. Now he has switched back to Rogers for the iPhone (weaseled in on my order, after I called in and waited on hold for 1.5 hrs)

BTW, ian, I would just go and ask for that new data plan for your first-gen iPhone. At worst, all they can say is no.