Sunday, July 13, 2008

Toluu is pretty cool

I've been trying out lately.  It lets you upload your RSS feeds and then matches you to other Toluu members and see what they are reading.  It's nicely integrated with the bloglines feed reader (the only one I tried)--if I add a new feed to toluu it pops me out to bloglines and lets me add it there too.

However, there was one problem getting going with toluu--after finally sending an e-mail to them, I learned that I needed to add more than 8 feeds before it could match me to other members and suggest feeds.

I'm always on the lookout for stuff that makes it possible to find resources from people with similar interests.  That's what made Usenet so great in the pre-WWW days, before it got saturated.

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Caleb Elston said...


Thanks for the post! I am glad you have been finding Toluu useful and sharing it with your readers. As you mentioned, we have some minimums around the feeds required before we start generating matches, and this is primarily to prevent spammers from hijacking the results.

If you need more invites to distribute just shoot me an email!