Thursday, December 1, 2011

Omniauth 1.0 Strategy for Yahoo/Flickr?

Is anyone working on a yahoo/flickr strategy for Omniauth 1.0? I couldn't find one yet....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Visual Studio Command Line Compile Hanging

My colleague Chiwoong Moon and I have spent a bunch of time in the past weeks trying to stabilize a Windows build of a C++ project on Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 (with and without SP1), which involves a series of command lines calls to the "devenv.exe" which compile various Visual Studio projects. On different machines we had some different failure modes--on my machine it randomly got "stuck" and left behind idle processes.

Chiwoong eventually found out that some of the source files had extended ASCII characters in the comments, and when we removed those characters, the builds worked every time.

An earlier clue should have been that the compiles worked every time if done from Visual Studio directly--although why the command line would not accept the same character set is a mystery.