Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What would you do with Half a Trillion Dollars?

I'm surprised I haven't come across this in the mainstream or alternative media yet.  It's from February 2008. Gwynne Dyer is suggesting that military-industrial complex is actually gearing up for a much more extensive and expensive cold war with China.

Just think of the goodwill that could be "bought" around the world with that kind of money.   Ugh.


Ian Cheung said...

I'm not saying I believe in war, but hasn't world history and economics proven that it preserve our "first world" way of life? If the "haves" gave their heart and energy to helping equalize the "have nots" isn't it likely that we'd all be in 2nd world (or lower) standards?

I mean isn't the single greatest reason that the American dollar isn't worth 1/1000th its current value is because of oil is valued in US Dollars through a deal made long ago with some lucky back-water Saudis back in the 50's?

And weren't the 2 countries that wouldn't stand for oil being valued in USD Iran and Iraq? 60 years later, and we know what happened. It's tragic and terrible, but America stands.

Are we willing to give up the over abundance of security and comfort (which by the way drives technological innovation and crazy things like Internet social media) because we want other economies to do better? Would they do the same for us? Plus I'm not sure I have the skills to have a decent job in the 2nd or 3rd world. (sorry, bad time for a joke).

I mean I guess if we're all in it together and for the sake of world peace I'd undoubtedly suck it up. But I'm pretty sure being part of a start up would be out of the question if our dollar is worth less than the mexican peso. Plus our understanding of human nature has taught us that as soon as someone's down, you can be rest assured that there's someone ready to exploit them.

But I'm no historian nor am I an economist. But I'm thinking that there's usually a lot more to that kind of dollar being dropped than meets the eye, and for more reasons than we'd care to admit. I think we know the reasons nor the facts.

Tim said...

Interesting comments....

I believe I'd like to live in a world where the gap between have and have nots is not so wide, or growing so fast.

Also I don't think we're going to have a choice. Maybe not fully in our lifetimes, but I think people will find ways to equalize one way or the other. If we outlaw war now, we can maybe have a hope of equalizing with less overall human suffering..

Ian Cheung said...

he sings terribly off key:

"i believe that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty the possess inside..."

eh hem... hmm.

well i'd like to start from rock bottom, and build from western excess. if you google "shipping container architecture" for example. we can all start by making homes with those and then use the extra money we save to volunteer a year at at a time to help develop the poorest nations. our knowledge alone is so beyond theirs. they need bodies, leaders to help them almost more than they need money.

that's just an example. hopefully i can dedicate a few years to "give back" within the decade. it's really one of my goals. talk is cheap, helping out and giving money seems less so.